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All the work you see on this website was created using traditional photographic materials, i.e. film and silver paper.  All scans are of actual photographic prints.  Since 2007 I've been working almost exclusively with an 8x10 camera, and all prints are contact printed on silver chloride paper.  Older work is enlarged from medium format negatives, and all prints are toned in selenium and washed to archival standards.  All prints (up to 11x14) are dry mounted on acid-free museum quality board.  This process guarantees maximum print life as it protects the print from the back, where most pollutants enter. 

You can read more about Azo, the last silver chloride paper widely available, as well as Lodima Fine Art, its recent replacement, at

If you're interested in the advantages of dry mounting over other methods, please take a look at the following article by Michael Smith
,, where he shows the advantages of dry mounting by looking at accelerated aging tests done on hinge mounted and dry mounted prints.
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